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Reporter Exclusive – Environmental Impact In The Turneffe Atoll

Located about 20 miles off Belize City, the Turneffe Atoll is a group of small islands located in an area which encompasses more than 250 square miles. Many Belizeans, and indeed visitors from all over the world, have been to Turneffe, and have enjoyed the best fishing, diving and snorkeling in the world – or even just taken in the spectacular beauty of what is now a Marine Reserve.

The ENVIRONMENT section and pages contains, News Articles, Audio-Video and Commentary that pertains to the environment. Including our sea (ocean), land and pollution reduction efforts. We all must make an effort to preserve our natural forests and our sea.  Scroll down to see videos, commentary and news articles about our pollution reduction efforts in Belize.

Let’s Clean Up Our Water-Ways, Our Sea, recycle our plastics and put our trash and wrappers in the proper place.

Trash into cash – plastic waste in Haiti | DW Documentary
Courtesy:  Deutsche Welle

Richardson Gustave works for an unusual project called “The Plastic Bank,” which wants to protect the environment and help people escape poverty.   

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