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Shyne Settles ‘Dalla’ Debt

Shyne Settles ‘Dalla’ Debt
January 18
12:26 2020

Shyne Settles ‘Dalla’ Debt

ON Thursday, 16 January 2020

It might not have otherwise made the news since people sue people every day, but a lawsuit that was in the process of being filed by one UDP personality against another made it to media circles on Wednesday and that prompted the litigants to settle the matter before the papers were even completely drawn up – it would have been a lawsuit by Troy “DJ Dalla” Flowers, who works at the UDP’s Wave Radio and is the ex-husband of former UDP Mayor Zenaida Moya and Shyne Barrow, the son of Prime Minister Dean Barrow and the UDP’s Standard Bearer for the Mesopotamia Division. And representing Flowers in the legal war was going to be the PUP’s Kareem Musa.

Musa told the media at the courthouse that it all stemmed from a written agreement that both men entered into during Music Week last year, when Barrow, as Musical Ambassador, retained Flowers to assist him to promote an event, through the good credit and access he had at the time to Belize Brewing Company consignments. Barrow, according to Musa, had control of the full event, including the bar, but never paid the bill of $29,000 for the consignment nor Flowers’ services as emcee/organizer, which we understand was around $10,000. The brewing company sued Flowers for the money, who in turn was in the process of suing Barrow on Thursday. But Musa said that, presumably because the lawsuit made it in the news, there has been a settlement between the two men through an intermediary who will make the payment. Musa said the settlement was still being worked out up to press time since his client was also seeking damages for loss of other business that the non-payment has brought about.

Musa said, however, that while the matter probably would not have otherwise made the news, in this case it involved someone who is offering himself for public office. “We’re talking here about a possible Area Representative – somebody who wants to represent the people. I think that is why it has gained such public attention because people want to know they are electing people of integrity and responsibility,” Musa reasoned.

Barrow, Musa said, will take over the payment to the Belize Brewing Company in monthly installments starting in February.

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