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Every Dream Starts Somewhere

Every Dream Starts Somewhere
January 03
10:56 2020

Every Dream Starts Somewhere

Thursday, January 2, 2020

In an environment crippled by the rising cost of living, scarcity of jobs and a lack of opportunities, one must do what it takes to survive and for Alex Gordon, 25, if that means setting up a taco stand, putting on an apron and selling tacos on the street side to ensure that he is able to provide a better future for his son, then so be it.

Gordon told the Reporter that a couple of weeks ago he decided that it was time that he quit his job and become self-employed, after realizing that he was investing a lot of time and effort at the workplace and wasn’t getting any promotion and wasn’t even spending enough time with his son. Gordon explained that the amount of time he was putting in was not reflected in his salary and when he got home from working long shifts he was too tired to care of his son.

Alex Gordon and his son

Armed with $30 dollars in his pocket, he sat down and started brainstorming what he could do, which would help him turn over that cash instead of him resorting to filling out application forms and waiting for a positive response from companies. He considered his cooking skills, and that was when he decided that he was going to start his own taco business.
He went to the store, invested his money in the ingredients and then went home to prepare for the following morning. At 4:00 a.m. he got up and started packing his stuff. He then set up a stand outside of his sister’s snack shop on Perez Road in Ladyville. Since school was still open, the majority of his customers were students who would order $2 to $5 tacos. That amount, Gordon says, would add up at the end of the day and he went from cooking one chicken a day to two chickens, and now he is always sold out.

He told the Reporter that while his business is not where he would envision it just yet, he is proud of his accomplishment and someday hopes that he can turn his business into a catering company. Gordon further indicated that he is not ashamed of his occupation or about some of the comments from people because at the ending of the day, his business is benefitting him and his small family and he no longer has to answer to an employer.

In fact, Gordon says that he is content with his new job, since he gets to meet new people every day and even helps out disadvantaged kids with something to eat before they leave for school.

At the top of Gordon’s priority list is his family, which comprises his one-year-old son and his girlfriend. He told the Reporter that he is doing it all for them, and hopes that he can save enough money to purchase a lot on which he can construct a small house.

Coming from a large family of 29 siblings and being raised by an elder sister, Gordon told the Reporter that keeping his family together and paving the way for his son to have a better future is everything to him – ”to me out here does not have anything for you. Once you don’t have a family, you don’t have anything. I believe that family is everything and once I can get through with everything that I am planning and I can have my family together, I feel like then I will be able to produce more and excel more than where I presently am.”

And leaving the newspaper with a word of advice, Gordon remarked – ”Fast money is not good money, because just like how it comes fast it will go fast and you might even lose your life over it. Materialistic things never last forever. Believe in yourself and realize that everything manifests within you. You have to take some time out and spend it with God, and you have to pray and ask God for guidance and blessing every day.”

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