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Editorial: 15th. December 2019

Editorial: 15th. December 2019
December 14
19:30 2019

Starting in 2020 Belize will begin to sell plantation white sugar to the countries of CARICOM, the trade group of nearly 16 million people spread across twenty small, developing countries, to which Belize belongs.

Belize was not a founding member, but joined up early, after many heated debates at home on the pros and cons of membership. Belize has been trying for years to sell more of her produce to Caricom, which now buys our rice, our beans, our corn. Next year Caricom will be buying our sugar. It is quite an achievement for Belize negotiators because Caricom countries can buy sugar a lot cheaper from their traditional suppliers.

Belize has had to show that we can supply quality Plantation White on a consistent basis and in the quantities required. Belize Sugar Industries and Santander Sugar Limited, the two sugar factories of Belize, have been gearing up for this opportunity, and both are confident that they can produce and supply what is needed. Most Caricom territories are small islands widely dispersed across the Caribbean. Barbados in the south is 1,950 miles away and St. Lucia in the east is 1,847 miles distant. To ship across these vast distances will be a challenge, even with today’s technology. But the new market in the Caribbean will help the sugar industry of Belize to survive, and perhaps with time, to prosper.

While the United States Executive is in a state of denial over the cataclysmic effects of climate change, the European Commission this week announced what is being called the European Green Deal – a sweeping set of transformative reforms which will affect how people in Europe travel, how they produce their food, what they use for energy, and how they construct their new buildings.

The proposals call for a target of zero carbon emissions by 2050. They will accomplish this by bio-diversity and nature restoration, phasing out unnecessary use of plastic, controlling or stopping deforestation and wildfires, setting strict new standards for manufacture, for agriculture, waste disposal and recycling, as well as for air, road and sea travel.

Instead of waiting on the United States and other world powers to lead, the European Union has said that it wants to lead by giving back and at the same time promote growth through diversity to transform the world’s way of living and working and consuming for healthier and safer living.

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