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Belize Traumatized & Terrorizes, Another Body Found

Belize Traumatized & Terrorizes, Another Body Found
December 04
12:18 2019

Belize Traumatized & Terrorizes, Another Body Found – VIDEO BELOW

Wednesday, Dec. 4th. 2019 – 6pm

The Reporter has confirmed with family members that the body found floating near the Port of Belize pier earlier today is that of missing teenager Michael Cobo, 18.

The body was in an advanced state of decomposition but we were told that family members were able to identify Cobo by a rose tattoo on his left hand with the name ‘Miley’ underneath. Cobo, who is originally from San Pedro, went missing last week Friday Nov. 29th. in the Yarborough area of Belize City.

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Wednesday, Dec. 4th. 2019 – 12.01pm

The people of Belize are traumatized and terrorized by yet another body found near the coastline. The victims of all of the recent bodies found this year, which has been approximately 12 people so far are local fishermen and or seamen.

The Reporter has confirmed the discovery of a body floating near the Port of Belize pier. Police are currently on the scene.

From images we have been able to see, it appears that the hands of the badly decomposed body are tied behind the back. From those images it is also clear that there are what appear to be cement blocks tied to the feet and upper body.

Police recovered the decomposed body of a person from the water near the Port of Belize pier in Belize City. Police are now trying to identify the victim and have begun their investigation into this latest murder.

More details about this developing news will be available here, VIA UPDATES on this page. – Read the full story and detail in Friday’s REPORTER NEWSPAPER

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