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Editorial: Sunday, December 1st. 2019

Editorial: Sunday, December 1st. 2019
November 29
10:27 2019

After an exhaustive investigation into the source of a cloning attack on our Facebook page, we have convincing evidence that the attack did not come from any source in or near Belize.

The fake page, titled The Reporter Belize, showed a map of Belize looking like a barge with a throng of Asian people who looked like Chinese swimming in the sea and climbing aboard.

The cartoon was intended to show that Belize is being invaded by immigrants from Taiwan, though the absence of any words in the message leaves the interpretation uncertain. It is the work of auto-suggestion, as was practiced against the United States in the Donald Trump vs. Hilary Clinton general election campaign of November 2016. Further probing shows that it was cleverly done, without leaving a footprint or a computer signature which would have identified the sender.

Since then the Reporter has learned of a similar hacking attack against the Belize Times, adding to the body of evidence that the intruder was interested in creating fake news.

The hacking attempt came from an operator somewhere in China, which suggests that the subliminal message on the fake site was aimed at Taiwan.

It came at a time when certain personalities in the Opposition are questioning the wisdom of having such close ties with Taiwan, when Mainland China has emerged on the world stage as such a dominant world force and economic powerhouse. Belize has been a staunch friend of Taiwan for more than 30 years, and each year Belize goes to the United Nations to re-assert her friendship and high regard for Taiwan, which shares our values of democracy and free speech, and like Belize, is being claimed by a larger, more powerful neighbour.

Taiwan has shown her friendship and solidarity with Belize in many ways by offering scholarships to educate our young people, by improving computer technology across a broad spectrum of endeavours, and by helping Belize with her economic growth. Belize stands in solidarity with Taiwan! To change our foreign policy stance now to ally ourselves with a Communist nation, powerful though it be, is sheer folly.

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