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Young Belizean Develops Phone Delivery App

Young Belizean Develops Phone Delivery App
November 15
14:32 2019

Young Belizean Develops Phone Delivery App

Food fanatics – there is an easier way to order food and its literally a fingertip away with the introduction of a local Belizean app that takes care of ordering and delivery services by professionals, and more importantly at a reasonable price.

The app called Vistro was created thirteen months ago by technology wiz Orange Walk resident Aziel Ku, 24. Currently, the app which can be found on Play Store has been downloaded ten thousand times with about half of that number using the services on a daily basis. Over fifty drivers including single moms, part-time students and full-time drivers are currently employed to offer delivery services in Orange Walk, Belize City, Belmopan, San Ignacio and Santa Elena.

So how does the app work? After it’s downloaded it needs to be registered on your mobile phone or device. Using the location provided, the app will scan for available restaurants and food outlets in your area. Similar to using popular services such as Amazon, customers are allowed to add items such as food, drinks and desserts to their carts and are also offered the option to customize their orders before checking out and viewing the total bill. If you are ok with the price tag then you can approve your order and the app will notify the specific restaurant about your order.

Then it is the restaurant’s turn to approve your order, and whenever that is completed the app will send you a notification informing that your order has been approved and how long it will take to prepare. Whenever the order is finished, Vistro will send you another notification informing that your delivery is on its way. When the driver arrives at your location using your GPS reading, Vistro will again inform you that your delivery is outside and ready to be picked up.

Ku told the Reporter that he “started working on the app when I was around 22-years-old. I had worked online a lot building credit cards for banks and I had always wanted to do something in Belize. I wanted to work here but I was also a food fanatic and I noticed that there was no easy way to order food when I was busy working. So I decided that I had to see how to make it easier and I said that there should be a way to be able to introduce technology into the equation. So I bought a bicycle and I went around Orange Walk offering myself as a delivery guy so that I could learn what it is to deliver food from point A to point B and see what the problems are so that I could construct a technology to work with it. So I did delivery on my own for about two to three months and then I took seven months to build the app and that is when I launched last year.”

Ku told the Reporter that after launching the app he was faced with some challenges getting businesses on board and interested in using technology to deliver their products. Eventually, after several trial periods and positive feedbacks from customers, restaurants started signing up to use the app and since then it has been expanding.

Ku said that customers are excited that the app exists and actually works, and they commend him on the simplicity and the ease with which it can be used, as well as the transparency of it. There is also great feedback because the app provides jobs for a host of persons at flexible working hours, allowing part-time students and single moms the chance to earn an honest living.

Ku’s innovative use of technology has benefitted Belizeans on a whole who are now able to order food from the comfort of their home. The Reporter asked him for a word of advice for young aspiring entrepreneurs, and he stated that ”I would advise them not to wait for the right time and to just go out there and do it. If you have the passion for something, go out there and get it done. Despite failures, keep trying and don’t be afraid of mistakes. You will learn and it will help you to move forward.

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