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Google’s YouTube & U.S Law By Effect Is Global

Google’s YouTube & U.S Law By Effect Is Global
November 13
15:59 2019

Google’s YouTube & U.S Law By Effect Is Global

Wednesday, November 13th. 2019 –

In a SIGN-OF-TIMES, of the new digital age of our global-village, the fastest growing digital video platform in the world ‘YouTube’ issued a notice today that affects everyone who have or will upload a video to YouTube.

The primary focus of the notice is ‘Compliance with COPPA’ or the requirements of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Of the United States. Which states that all videos and other digital content on YouTube must be tagged with an indication that is made for kids, or Not made for kids. It is a feature that you will have to mark in the Audience selector options after you upload your video(s) to YouTube.

No matter where in the world you are, these requirements will apply to anyone that uploads a video to YouTube. The YouTube notice said

These changes are required as part of a settlement with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and NY Attorney General, and will help you comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and/or other applicable laws.

The Notice Also Stated:
Starting today, all creators are required to mark their content as made for kids or not made for kids in YouTube Studio.
Starting in January: we will limit the data we collect on made for kids content to comply with the law. This means we will disable personalized ads on this content (which affects revenue for creators making content for kids), as well as certain features like comments, notifications and other

As I wrote this article I could not help myself from commenting on these sign-of-the-times in our digital global village, even if the COPPA notice is a minor note, the implications that a U.S Law has global reach is a new indications of how law may apply in the new digital age.

After careful review of the U.S Law, COPPA, I think it is a good thing, that, although it was created in the United States and is a U.S Law, it does protect all children around the world form non appropriate content, user data collected and privacy laws.

FACTS ABOUT YouTube:  Did You Know ?

1.) YouTube has 1.8 billion monthly active visitors

2.) 75% of millennial’s prefer watching YouTube to watching television

3.) 500 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube every minute

4.) 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched daily

5.) YouTube is localized in 88 countries

6.) 75% of YouTube users are men

7.) 70% of viewers use YouTube to help solve a problem

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