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Violence Erupts in Burrell Boom

Violence Erupts in Burrell Boom
November 08
21:30 2019

Violence Erupts in Burrell Boom

The usually quiet community of Burrell Boom Village was disrupted on Sunday night by multiple shootings, one of which left a Village Councillor dead, and the other a man wounded and rushed to the KHMH.

Kyle Pinkard

The violence started to unfold just after 8:30 p.m. on Sunday night when the body of Aaron Baptist, 27, was discovered lying face-up inside an unpainted bungalow in the village. Baptist had sustained multiple gunshot wounds to his body and when Police found him he was already dead. Investigators on the scene were able to establish that Baptist was inside the house with Lindell Williams socializing and listening to music when an unidentified person appeared from the rear of the building, pushed his hands through a hole in the door and fired multiple gunshots inside.

One resident who lives in close proximity to where the shooting occurred told the Reporter that “about five minutes to nine I was on a phone call when I heard about eight to ten gunshots nearby, and then like 45 seconds after I heard a motorbike speed past my house. I didn’t pay it any mind and so about four minutes after that, I got a call from someone asking me about a shooting in my neighborhood and so that was when I got up and decided to go investigate and when I got out there the village Police were already there. When I got to the scene I noticed about eight expended shells outside the front door, some on the steps and the victim was inside the house.”

Around 11:30 that same night Police had to again be dispatched to the village after receiving reports of a shooting at another house. This time the victim, Kyle Pinkard, was fortunate to escape with only a gunshot wound to his hip. Pinkard later reported that he was inside his wooden bungalow when someone appeared and started knocking at his door and shouting threats at him. Pinkard said that when he refused to open his door for the visitor the person fired multiple shots at his home, injuring him in the process.

Police are actively investigating both shootings. Both Baptist and Pinkard lived on the same street near to each other.

Residents say that the building where Baptist was killed is used as a small recording studio and that elements from gangs would sometimes socialize at the building. Other reports from villagers are that on the previous night there was friction among several individuals involved in the marijuana trade and so residents are speculating that both shootings spiraled from that incident. Police, however, would not reveal any motive for the shootings.

When Police were questioned about whether the two incidents are related, ACP Joseph Myvett of the National Crimes Investigation Branch stated that “At this point in time we are looking at certain information but this will not be divulged as it is a part of the investigation.”

Police do not have any motive for Baptist’s shooting and say that they do not know whether he was the intended target or not. However, they did reveal that the threats shouted at Pinkard might be instrumental in helping to identify the gunman, if Pinkard cooperates with them.

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