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CitCo to Appeal Court Award To Former Admin

CitCo to Appeal Court Award To Former Admin
November 08
14:25 2019

The Belize City Council will not give in so easily to the October 4th. order that Supreme Court Justice Courtenay Abel gave them to pay former Belize City Council Administrator, Candice Miller $378,000 for wrongful termination. This week, Mayor Bernard Wagner informed that the Council voted unanimously during its most recent caucus to appeal that ruling at the Court of Appeal.

The Mayor said that the Council and their attorneys feel that they “have a strong case,” but if that case falls through, there will be additional monies lost to the Council, and by extension, Belize City residents. Mayor Wagner feels that when former UDP Mayor Darrel Bradley renewed Miller’s contract and gave her a significant salary increase just about a month before the Municipal elections in March of 2018, monies were automatically lost to the Council.  The Mayor referred to Miller’s contract as “an immoral contract”

Meanwhile, when we contacted Miller on Thursday to get her reaction to the Mayor’s comments, she said that “he had no grounds to dismiss me and he has no grounds for an appeal.”

The Mayor and the Council fired Miller on grounds that she had failed to inform them of a Court judgment that had just been made prior to them taking over office which they could have appealed in time had they had that information.  They also accused Miller of paying a businessman some $59,000 for work that was done but not screened. Additionally, they accused her of failing to pursue a loan payment which should have been made by a member of the Mayors Association.  

The Mayor and the Council counter-sued Miller for some $1 million – the amount the Court had ordered them to pay to the sanitation company and which was not appealed, but that countersuit fell apart in Court.   

Justice Abel had ruled that Miller could not have been accused of dereliction of her duties and that instead, she was blocked from doing her duties by Mayor Wagner.  Miller’s attorney, Magali Perdomo had suggested at the time that what the Mayor and the Council had done to her client was to penalize her on false grounds.

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