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What’s Happening To Our Water Supply – As More Complaints & Concern Increases

What’s Happening To Our Water Supply – As More Complaints & Concern Increases
October 29
15:46 2019

Tuesday, October 29th. 2019 –

Residents of Belize City and some rural BWS Customers have been complaining about the discoloration of water emerging from their taps in the past few days.

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Over the weekend the complaints about the brown water tripled when Hattieville residents were forced to endure 32 hours without water.

The constant complains and queries prompted the water company to host a press conference to address the issues at hand.

Belize Water Services’ CEO, Alvan Haynes, first explained that the water discoloration is caused by an increased concentration of iron in untreated water which is sourced from the Belize River at the Double Run Water Treatment Plant.

He assured consumers that while the problem takes three to four days to clear, the “water remains safe to drink.” Consumers are advised to simply let the water run for a couple of minutes before usage. Customers however are upset, since running the tap eventually translates to a higher bill.

Over the weekend Hattieville residents had to endure 32 hours without water supply. The CEO explained that a thunderstorm caused damages to the Belize Electricity Ltd. system and in particular the main transformer which supplies the BWS pump station at Rockville.

The sudden outage caused major damages to their electrical panels, backup generators and a water pump, so when power was restored around 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, their system did not reboot. That resulted in a shortage of water for about 800 residential customers.

In an effort to prevent another occurrence, the company will link Hattieville to the Belize City Water Distribution System to ensure that customers have a steady supply of water if the problem occurs again.

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