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Editorial – Friday, October 25th. 2019

Editorial – Friday, October 25th. 2019
October 26
07:53 2019

A business investment organization, Portico Enterprises Limited, has advertised that it intends to build a new cruise ship port which will be based on the mainland but will have access to deep water to accommodate the largest of cruise ships.

From its published concept plan, the port will be linked to the deep waters of South Grennels Channel some nine miles south of Belize City by way of a wide swath of land to be reclaimed from the sea.

The concept plan itself is stunning for many reasons. This area of the country is close enough to Belize City to become a suburb, and it is open country, which means that it can become a real estate treasure-house.

With the wide open sea to the east and Northern Lagoon flanking in the west, this location offers intriguing possibilities for tourism and leisure living. The area is far enough from Belize City to avoid significant silting from the Belize River, even though the project will require significant dredging to reclaim an adequate land mass.

The proposed port has a name. It is to be called the Port of Magical Belize. The company behind it, Portico Enterprises Limited, is a family-owned general contractor company out of Tennessee.

Portico Enterprises Inc. does not appear to have any experience with large multi-million dollar engineering projects, but the announcement this week states that it has signed a project development agreement with Boskalis Westminster Contracting Company, a Dutch engineering firm with wide experience in dredging and engineering. Boskalis has agreed to provide a consultancy service, and to take a strong equity position in the port project, the announcement said.

A memorandum of understanding was signed in 2017, but it has taken two years for the first real details of the plan to emerge.

Now that details of the plan have been published, we hope to hear more about this exciting concept in the months ahead.

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