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A Quest Fueled by Love

A Quest Fueled by Love
October 13
12:49 2019

Nine years ago, Sheleen Camille Martinez, 34, who was nearing a full-term pregnancy at the time, was brutally raped and stabbed to death at a residence on George Price Drive in Dangriga Town. Martinez’s death and her particulars were never registered, and she died leaving nine children and carrying the secrets of their identities to her grave.

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Martinez’s murder remains an unsolved mystery and no one was ever arrested for the crime. Her name only surfaced this week after a woman claiming to be her eldest daughter, Nikima Nunez, 25 posted a status on Facebook detailing her quest to find her eight remaining siblings, their names and identities still unknown to her.

According to Nikima, she does not recall much about her mother since when she was two, she was placed in the care of her biological father who raised her in Dangriga Town. Nunez said that when she got older, she was told that she had eight siblings and that they were all in foster care, but nobody knew their names or who adopted them. Nikima confessed that she was told that the kids were all taken away from her mother at birth due to her habit of living on the street.

Nikima told the Reporter that out of all her siblings, she only knew one of her brothers, Kimarly Martinez who lives in Belize City. Last year one of her younger sisters, Brianna Martinez, who now resides in the United States, managed to contact her via Facebook. Since then the three of them have attempted to locate the others so that they can all reunite as a family and get to know each other.

According to Nikima, they were told that their baby brother who was only a year-old at the time of their mother’s murder is now residing in the US, while two others, a male and female, reside in Pomona Village. Three others still remain a mystery and so far they have been unable to track any of them down. Martinez says that the group of three has made multiple attempts to acquire information from Social Security and Social Services to get the particulars of her remaining siblings, but because they do not have any records of her mom’s death or identification they have been unable to do so.

So being left with no other option and unable to get information out of their grandmother, or any of her mother’s siblings, Nikima and her sister and brother are turning to social media and the public for assistance in helping them with information which could locate their six other siblings.

Nikima said that her mother’s death and growing up alone has been quite a challenge for her, and after finding out that her mother left eight other children she just had to make every effort possible to reunite with them. Nikima told the Reporter that, ”The situation has been very traumatic to me being the oldest child. It has affected my schooling. I didn’t finish high school. Not knowing my brother and sisters is very hard. It has affected me as a woman and a mother knowing that my mom was killed, and nothing was ever done about it. All I want is my family, my brothers and sisters to reunite as one because we deserve it. As a mother I want my kids to grow up knowing their aunts and uncles instead of us being separated from each other.”

She also had a message for her brothers and sisters – ‘I would like to say that they also have sisters and brothers and that we want to meet them. We don’t want to take them out of their home or anything like that. I also want to tell them that we are looking for them and that we love them and even though my mom was senselessly murdered I know that she would have liked for us to unite with each other.”

Anyone with information that can assist Nikima and her siblings is asked to contact her at 651-2048.

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