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From Simone With Love

From Simone With Love
October 11
11:59 2019

On Thursday, October 10, 2019 –
As four-time Olympic champion Simone Biles, 22, continues to celebrate her accomplishment of becoming the most-decorated female gymnast in history after recently winning her 21st medal at the World Championship, local Belizean athletes and students from Forest Home Methodist School in the Toledo district now have a special reason to also be thankful for Biles’ success.

This week students from the school’s volleyball team received a surprising donation of 25 pairs of Nike tennis shoes. Nike, on Biles’ behalf, donated the items to the World Champion Center (WCC) which is also home to the Olympic champion and falls under the auspices of her adoptive mother, Nellie Biles.

Nellie Biles, according to reports, wanted the donation to be given to needy children in Belize and so she collaborated with the Belize Association of Houston who then picked out the school after noticing that many of the students attend classes barefoot or with worn-out footwear.

The group then made arrangements with Belize Freight to get the gifts delivered to the school’s principal, Deborah Borland, who explained that “the students were very happy to receive such a useful and thoughtful gift. Their first game will be October 12 and for the first time all players will have proper footwear.”

The students reportedly wrote a note to the Biles family, thanking them for the donation which they say will stop them from getting bullied by students from other schools. The students explained that on previous occasions they were bullied for not having the proper footwear to participate in the various tournaments or games. They wrote, ”Now it’s going to be different because all of us now have Nike tennis shoes. The bullies will be like ‘wow.’ So thank you for contributing these tennis shoes to our school and also for making the bullies change.”

Simone Biles holds dual citizenship with Belize through her birth mother and refers to Belize as her second home. Her last publicized visit to Belize was three years ago when the Belize Tourism Board hosted her and her family for the Christmas holidays.

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