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Editorial – Friday September 13th. 2019

Editorial – Friday September 13th. 2019
September 15
11:37 2019

The Reporter is unable to substantiate any of what follows, but during several interviews with knowledgeable persons, we have stitched together the following account:

When a drug plane lands, whether it be in the north or in the south, or in the center as it did this time off the Coastal Road, its arrival triggers a bee-hive of frenetic activity.

As soon as the plane stops rolling, or even before, pick-up trucks rush out as from nowhere. Work teams spring into action. One team takes care of re-fuelling the plane. If the aircraft has been damaged in landing and cannot resume its flight, the team gets ready to burn it.

Another team rushes in to unload the cargo into waiting pick-up trucks.Another team will stand guard, alert to any police presence.

The unloading operation is completed in ten minutes or less, and if all goes without a hitch, the drug plane is safely on its way within 15 minutes of landing.

The entire operation is fine-tuned and efficient. But this kind of efficiency costs a lot of money. Drug planes invariably bring used US dollars to pay the workers, to pay for fuel, to pay for security and to pay off whatever officials who need to be paid off. The drug trade is a cash trade!

While we praise the good police work which anticipated this particular drug plane and was able to capture it with its crew and its cargo of 1300 kilos of cocaine, we have to ask: Where is the money?

The Police who did the bust are saying that there was no money on the plane. We do not have to accept the police version of what went down, and we do not accept it.

We believe that there was money on that drug plane; lots of it, and that the Police are not giving us the full story.
That is our view!

. . . . . . . . . . .

It is now up to the Minister of National Security, as Minister in charge of the Police and the Prime Minister, as Minister of Finance, to get to the bottom of this puzzle.

On this the 38th anniversary week of the Independence of Belize, we at the Reporter salute the people of Belize and we give thanks that we still have our country; we still have our democracy and we still have our dollar, which apart from the ravages of inflation, has not been devalued.

These are blessings which we must count . Our population has more than doubled – from 170,000 in 1981 to some 390,000 today, and the pace of development has quickened.

We have had our growing pains and our people have collectively passed through the crisis of identity typical of adolescence.

Now we look forward to new growth, a strengthening of our democracy and a deeper, fuller appreciation for the value of human life and human endeavour.

May we always remain true to the pledge of our manhood to our Land of the Free by the Carib Sea, and work to free ourselves from selfishness and greed.
Long Live Belize!

. . . . . . . . . .

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