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Drug bust Nets 3,000 LBS of Cocaine

Drug bust Nets 3,000 LBS of Cocaine
September 15
11:59 2019

This week started off with a bang as gunshots broke the still of the night just off the Coastal Road at mile 7 just after midnight on Monday. That is where a King beach aircraft landedin Belize, loaded with cocaine. There to greet them were Belizean law enforcement personnel.

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During the exchange of gunfire between the two groups, one of the alleged drug dealers was hit and is now receiving medical treatment under Police guard at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City. Another was shot by his own colleague, who managed to escape.

Police Commissioner, Chester Williams explained that the joint security team waited for the plane to land and unload the plane’s content, before they closed in on them. But the men opened fire at the police, who responded in like fashion. While some of the drug traffickers escaped, the law enforcers managed to detain six of them, including two injured men. Four of them are Hondurans, one is Ecuadoran and one is Mexican.

The content on board the plane proved to be huge! Almost 3,000 pounds of cocaine in 1,210 parcels labelled “Cat” and “Oro”. The drugs were secured and taken to a safe place for storage. Samples will be kept as evidence while the remainder will be stored until a date is set for its destruction.

Williams informed the media that after they left the scene, the were informed that another trafficker managed to flee the scene injured and was hiding in nearby bushes at the scene. Police returned and found him with bullet wounds in the abdomen. He told police that one of his colleagues who escaped, shot him.

The men who were caught are: Mexican, Miguel Cruz Meseguer, 69; Ecuadoran, Juan Pablo Larrea Cruz, 43, and Hondurans,Carlos Humberto Henriquez Gomez, 51, and David Noe Orellana Discua, 30. They were arraigned on Wednesday before Senior Magistrate, Tricia Pitts-Anderson. They were all jointly charged with Drug Trafficking of almost 3,000 pounds of cocaine into Belize. Miguel Meseguer and Juan Cruz, who Police say were piloting the aircraft, were also charged jointly with abetment to import a controlled drug, and landing an aircraft without the permission of the Minister of Aviation. The two being hospitalized are Honduran Allan Yovani Mejia Chirinos, 31, and Norlan Jose Carrasco Lopez, 50.

They had all entered Belize legitimately only days earlier, Williams informed and did not raise any red flags. They seemingly had time to canvass the area, and acquire the vehicles they used, one which bore Honduran license plates and another which carried none.

The airstrip where the plane landed is located on private property and Williams informed that they cannot destroy it for that reason. He said that they have established that the owner of the property had no knowledge of the landing and does not know any of the men or of the drugs that landed on his property.

Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of National Security, Retired Colonel George Lovell said that this is the type of successful operation that can result out of collaborative efforts with partners from the region. This was such a case, as Belize security forces had dispatched security teams to several airstrips that night – both legal and illegal – to ensure that they intercepted the plane wherever it handed.

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