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CXC Appoints New Registrar – CEO

August 15
20:14 2019


By: Michael M Barrow

Wednesday, August 14th. 2019 –

Just about all students in Belize’s high Schools and Jr. Colleges take the CXC Exams at the end of the school year before graduating. The board that manages and are the administrators of that exam is based in St. Michael’s Barbados, and today the board of directors appointed a new Registrar/CEO to the position.

VIDEO Courtesy: Caricom Newstime

He is Dr. Wayne Wesley and according to the CXC Board, he comes to the position with some impressive credentials.

The CXC was created in 1972 by agreement within the Caricom union countries, and at that time the internet and smart phones were not even on the horizon.

The internet was created in the early 1990s in the industrialized countries (USA) and then became more accessible in the Caribbean in the late 1990s to our present day, where access in some countries are as high as 85% of households and in some Caricom countries only 40% of households have internet access.

The new CEO and the management of the CXC should and will probably undergo some challenges to blend the scope of the CXC with our modern world which is impacted by the increase use of information technology and digitization, as the children of the 21st century have access to different mediums for learning and a world of light-speed access to an oracle of information.

Before the CXC, there was the GCE, which was a British system that was a ‘General Certificate Of Education’, but many who sat those exams at the ‘A’ Level and even the ‘O’ Level will argue that there was not anything ‘general’ about those exams, they were difficult, but when you managed to pass ‘3 A Levels’. many would have considered that person Very Smart.

Today’s challenges in education is to prepare the children of the Caribbean to be super productive and innovative, so that they are able to contribute to their own countries needs for higher standards in applying technology and competing on a global stage in almost every job type.

About the Author. Michael M Barrow is an engineer and programmer, but more importantly, an advocate for a dynamic and prosperous Caribbean. He holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and a degree in Manufacturing Engineering. He is a product of Silicon Valley’s dynamic era of the late 1990s 
and early 21st century.

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