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Editorial – Friday August 9th. 2019

Editorial – Friday August 9th. 2019
August 09
11:26 2019

China is the world’s second largest economy. Everybody knows that! China is also technologically advanced. We all know that too. She makes her own jet aircraft and recently completed the work on two new aircraft carriers. Until recently, she owned the world’s most powerful super-computer.

China is the third country to send humans to the moon, and she plans to have a functioning space station by 2020.
China is in toe-to-toe competition with the United States and aspires to become the dominant world power. She is a powerful nation, but she is also a dangerous nation, eager to advance her influence, but ruthless in her quest for world domination.

We can admire China’s achievements but we should be aware of her crushing embrace. If we prize our independence and our democracy we will be careful.

Hong Kong has learned to its dismay that Beijing has an iron fist which she uses on all who do not bend to her will. Taiwan has learned the same lesson.

China is expanding her land quest all over the China Sea and blocking other countries from using international waterways which she now claims. She intends to create a world hegemony greater than Hitler’s Nazi empire. She is one of the last Communist nations standing, but that will not prevent her from making a bid for world dominion.

The conversation in Belize about how the President of the Belize Chinese Association, Mr. Johnston Ou, invited a delegation of PUP leaders to visit the Chinese Mainland reveals the extent of the conspiracy.

Mr. Ou does not have the resources to pay for such a visit, so it is clear that the PUP leaders were the guests of Beijing and that Mr. Ou has become an agent acting on behalf of the mainland Chinese Government in a public relations campaign to persuade a faction of the PUP leadership to visit China.

The Belize Chinese Association has released a public denunciation, saying that it did not invite any PUP leaders to visit China. This can only mean one thing. It means that it was Mr. Ou, acting on his own, without the knowledge and the authority of the Belize Chinese Association, but with the connivance of Beijing, who invited the PUP delegation to visit mainland China.

By this action Mr. Ou got the Belize Chinese Association embroiled in a serious political controversy. This is a grave and serious offence.

To keep the Belize Chinese Association free from political controversy Mr. Ou should resign as President.

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