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If You Are 16 & Under – The City Is On Lock-down At 6pm

If You Are 16 & Under – The City Is On Lock-down At 6pm
July 19
22:03 2019

Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, at a press conference late Thursday evening, announced that following a spate of violent and shocking crimes in Belize City since the beginning of the week, a curfew will become effective starting Thursday night for children aged 16 and under. This time, however, Williams said the parents will be the ones held accountable for minors found out of their homes after hours.

The curfew becomes effective from 6:00 p.m., each evening and remains in effect until morning. Williams said many of the recent crimes being carried out have included children playing significant roles. Williams went on a tirade about the role parents must play in ensuring the safety of their children and also the role they play in their upbringing.

“I want to sound the warning to parents who want to have their kids out on the streets late at night and care nothing about their well-being…We will come for you…please ensure your children are home by 6:00,” Williams told the media.

Williams noted that much blame has been levied on the Police Department but said there needs to be a balance because the department is doing as much as it can but can only do so much. Williams explained that any underage child found outside their home beyond the curfew will be taken home and their parents will be picked up and taken to the police station to be held answerable for the offense.

Williams said he would like to see the public hold parents accountable in the same manner they call for the Police to be held accountable. Williams said that the curfew applies to all areas of Belize City. He also said he would be making a request to have the designated curfew age of 16 increased to the age of 18.

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