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UPDATE: A San Pedro Tour Guide & An American Found Dead

June 23
15:04 2019


UPDATE: 7:00pm – June 24

San Pedro Police have detained several persons for questioning in the brutal double murder of tour guide Mario Graniel and tourist Gary Swank. The men were gunned down Sunday morning as they fly-fished in a lagoon west of San Pedro Town. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams has assigned a special task force to investigate these murders.

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UPDATE: 7:00pm – June 23

Police suspect that popular San Pedro tour guide Mario Graniel, 53, was the target of gunmen in a skiff who killed him and a tourist he was with as they were fly-fishing just before midday today.

Around 11:30 this morning San Pedro Police went into a lagoon west of San Pedro Town where they found Graniel’s skiff, the Johnnie G. Inside the vessel was the lifeless body of Graniel, with multiple bullet wounds to the body and head.

About 30 feet from the skiff, floating facedown in the lagoon, was the body of American national Gary Paul Swank, 53, also with multiple gunshot injuries.

Sources tell the Reporter that around 10:00am Graniel and Swank left the island to go fly-fishing in the lagoon. Sometime between that time and 11:30 a dark coloured skiff passed by Graniel’s vessel and fired on the men inside.

Police believe that Graniel was the target because on Saturday they were called to his home in the Boca del Rio area of San Pedro after an unknown gunman fired shots outside the apartment complex, one of which penetrated his front door.

The bodies have been transported to the Belize City morgue where they await post-mortem examinations.

UPDATE 4:00pm – June 23rd.

Around 11:30am today, (Sunday, June 23rd.) Police visited an area in the San Pedro Lagoon west of the town where they found the body of tour guide, Mario Graniel, 53, in a skiff named Johnnie G. Graniel had been shot multiple times to the body and head. Floating near the boat in the lagoon was the body of American national, Gary Paul Swank, 53, also with multiple gunshot injuries to the body and head. Preliminary investigations indicate that Graniel and Swank were fly-fishing in the lagoon when another skiff passed by and the occupants of that skiff fired at them, causing the fatal injuries.

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