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Jasmine Espat Tops PSE 2019!

Jasmine Espat Tops PSE 2019!
June 14
13:37 2019

The bragging rights for top performer in this year’s Primary School Exams (PSE) belongs to Saint Andrew’s Anglican Primary School in San Ignacio and 12 year-old Jasmine Espat. The young lady attained a total of 386 out of a possible 400 points on the PSE, of the 7,015 students who sat the exams.

Jasmine told the Reporter that she knew she was prepared for the exam and felt going in that she would score well, but she never imagined that her name would be ringing as the top performer.

Jasmine shared that she set a strict routine for herself to follow each day leading up to the exams. “I would get home at around 4:30, eat something and get straight to work…and I’d study until midnight or sometimes even later than that,” she shared. “I had different PSE preparation books that I had to read and study to make sure I was grasping all the concepts.”
Creative writing and Science were Jasmine’s favourite parts of the exam, and while she is far from deciding what her career path will be, Science has her attention at this point in her life. She will make that decision likely while attending Sacred Heart College in San Ignacio in September.

This is not the first time that Saint Andrews Anglican’s Primary in Cayo has produced a student who has aced the exams. Three years ago, the Anglican primary school also produced the top performer for that year. Principal, Sharee Gutierrez told us that being able to boast this kind of achievement is not a one-time effort. It is one that is years in the making.

“We start from infant one, so this has been eight years in the making. From infant one we ensure that our students learn to read and we just keep building on that strong foundation early on, so that when they reach standard six they can read, comprehend, do math, etc, so it’s just to polish up what they have been taught,” Gutierrez said.

This is what the Ministry of Education has been working on with those schools whose students have shown weaker performances in the PSE, the Ministry’s Exam Unit Director, Nelson Longsworth told the Reporter on Wednesday.

“Many other denominational schools are learning how to prepare their students for these exams. We have had Saint Andrews, which has had the first place the year before…and then the private schools continued to be there.

Some 41 students from Saint Andrew’s Anglican Primary sat the exams this year, with the majority of them scoring 70% and above, three in the 60 percentile range, and one who did not make the 50% Adequate performance as classified by the Ministry. But the principal said the school also celebrates with that student because they know that was his potential and he did his best. She informed that that student is also already enrolled in a high school for September.

Saint Andrew’s Anglican is one of the oldest schools in San Ignacio with an enrollment of just over 400 students, 19 teachers and supportive parents, the principal shared, acknowledging that the success takes on everyone’s effort to pull off an accomplishment like this.

Meanwhile, two students from the country’s ‘forgotten district” – Toledo, scored the third and fourth highest points this year and both hail from the same school – St Peter Claver Primary! Jasmine Faber scored 379 of a possible 400 points and Kyrun Supaul received 377 points. Placing second in the top score was AnnElyse Perdue of La Isla Bonita Elementary in San Pedro, and fifth highest scorer was Emeleigh Kib of Faith Nazarene Primary in Cayo.

AnnElyse, Emeleigh, Kyrun, Jasmine Faber and Jasmine Espat will be recognized and awarded on June 19, along with the other 23 students who placed in the top 25 or tied with another student in a particular rank.

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