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City Council Declines Chang’s Parks Improvement Project

June 14
15:48 2019

The Belize City Council, this week, declined a request from Caribbean Shores UDP hopeful, Lee Mark Chang, to install children’s play-sets made from recycled tires in a park in the constituency.

Chang had made a request to the Council seeking approval to install the play-sets, an initiative spearheaded by his wife Geovanna. In an interview with the Reporter last week, she shared her vision for the parks explaining that as a former educator she saw the lack of entertainment for smaller children at many parks, outside of basketball courts. Chang’s team had already began designing and assembling some of the play-sets.

The Council, however, decided it was not in the best interest of children at the parks to install the play-sets using recycled tires. According to Deputy Mayor, Oscar Arnold, a similar initiative using play-sets made from recycled tires was installed at a park on the southside some time ago but residents have complained that the tires often hold stagnant water after the rains, becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Arnold said the Council is not against accepting assistance from the community, regardless of who offers such help. He said the Council’s only concern is in regards to the health hazards it may present. He also said that there no was political angle factoring into the decision. Chang, in the meantime, has opted to donate the play-set to Trinity School in the area, which had requested one of the play-sets.

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