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Start With Yourself

Start With Yourself
June 09
17:21 2019

By: Neri O. Briceño –

The awful condition in Belize and especially the crime and violence situation will never change unless we do something about it. Don’t expect a foreigner to change it. No NGO, no attorney, no Police, no government, no PUP, UDP, VIP, no community leader, no media, no religion and definitely no politician. The only person that has the capacity to change this downward spiral is you and you alone. Change has to start with the individual – in our homes, schools and communities.

We cannot on the one hand condemn crime and then uphold our children when they bring expensive items home, and suddenly have a fist full of cash and yet have no job. We can’t continue buying stolen goods, crying police brutality or pulling the race card as the first line of defense when deep in our heart we know our relative or child is guilty as sin. As long as politicians continue to protect criminals and the system remains corrupt, we cannot expect peace. We are the creators of this system and we are also the ones who are tolerating it. There has to be a clean break from the way we have been doing things, because things will not change on their own. We have to be the catalysts of change.

Ranting on Facebook, Twitter or any other form of social media will only do so much, but it will not solve anything until as a people we take action and put our boots to the ground. Over 10 years ago a very good friend of mine was killed during a botched robbery at a Service Station/Grocery Store in Big Falls, Toledo. The guy was a hardworking, upstanding man who had raised himself from his boot strap to become a prominent and successful businessman. He was senselessly put down in the prime of his life in front of his family. I was so outraged that I started writing a letter a week to all the major newspapers in the country in protest of this and also to shed light on crime/violence and other ills in the nation. The Reporter invited me to write for them and the rest is history. Fast forward to 2019 and the situation has only gotten worse. Just this week again we saw the execution style killing of three people in the prime of their life. It’s absolutely outrageous and I have grown tired of writing about it.

We are a nation that has now become numb to violence and one where people are more concerned about the beheading of a jaguar (not that I am condoning it) than the plight of the homeless, the hungry or the downtrodden. People have become more sympathetic to a stray dog, a dead manatee or bird rather than offering assistance to the homeless or food to the hungry. Our priorities have become warped, to the point where honesty, decency and morality are frowned upon and everyone is in a rush to get rich quick, hustling someone, partying their lives away or drinking and smoking themselves into a stupor.

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