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Father Charged For Death of Baby Boy

Father Charged For Death of Baby Boy
June 08
16:37 2019

Thursday, June 6, 2019 –
Following days of intensive investigation Troy Banner, the father of two-month-old baby Thevane Banner, has been officially charged by Police for the crime of Manslaughter in relation to the suspicious death of the child.

Banner a resident of Camalote village was arraigned in the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court today and was granted bail in the sum of $10,000 and two sureties of the same amount.
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The child’s mother, 18, also detained as part of the Police investigation, was released from custody without any charges.

Baby Thevane died at the Western Regional Hospital around 11:50 a.m. on June 1st after his parents rushed him to the facility due to alleged breathing complications. The medical staff was immediately alerted by bruises to the toddler’s eye, forehead, chest, and stomach area as well as to his head. While the hospital staff made efforts to resuscitate the toddler he died while undergoing treatment. On Monday, a post mortem examination conducted on the baby confirmed that he died as a result of fractures to his head and back, multiple skull fractures and head trauma consistent with battered child syndrome.

That finding immediately sparked a criminal investigation and Banner and his common-law wife were detained. Prior to the post mortem results being published, Banner had told Police that the baby choked while he was bottle feeding him. Banner alleged that he frantically tried to administer aid to the toddler but when that failed he and the child’s mother immediately rushed the baby to the hospital.

In an interview on Monday, prior to the results, Banner blamed the hospital staff for administering too much adrenaline to his baby and eventually causing his death. Banner went on to allege that the hospital was fabricating lies against him to make the situation look like it was a case of child abuse. He ended by denying that he would ever intentionally harm his eight-week-old son, saying he would have to be a crazy man if he did anything of that nature.

When the media spoke to Police on Wednesday they confirmed that they were looking at another case of alleged child abuse by Banner against his then one-month-old son, which happened seven years ago. According to ASP Alejandro Cowo of the Crimes, Investigation Branch authorities were in the process of gathering details from that case in an effort to strengthen the current case against Banner.

That previous incident only came to the attention of the media and Police after Banner’s ex-common-law wife, with whom he shares a seven-year-old-son, came out, alleging that she had experienced the same occurrence while living with Banner. The woman told the Reporter that her relationship with Banner was an abusive one and she was forced to leave after Social Services threatened to take away her baby if she stayed.

The woman alleged that on two occasions when her son was one-month and in the other instance five-months-old, she left Banner alone with the toddler and when she returned home she found her baby with unexplained bruises to the head and body. In both instances, the child was hospitalized, for an overnight and on the other occasion for nine days due to fractures to the head and body. In both instances Banner was questioned by the Police but he was never charged due to lack of evidence and witnesses at the time.

“This case really made me reach out to the authorities because this is not fair. He needs to pay. That means he really hit those babies because they can’t be falling as he says. When I saw the news I cried, because I remembered my son. It is not a coincidence. Something is really wrong there. All I want is for him to pay, or go to jail. I don’t think that it is right. Imagine if they do not do anything and he ends up with another child and when you see the same thing happens again. It is not fair because these babies are so innocent. They cannot talk or defend themselves. This baby needs justice,” she told the Reporter.

The woman told the Reporter that after watching the news she immediately made up her mind to go to the authorities armed with evidence of her experience with Banner so that she could strengthen the case for baby Thevane.

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