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Four Men Charged for Dangriga Robbery

Four Men Charged for Dangriga Robbery
June 07
16:20 2019

On Wednesday, June 5th. four men were charged for the weekend robbery at Family Imports Store. Fredrick Anthony Arzu, 39, Marvin Amaya, 34 and Travan Smith, 20, have been formally arrested and charged for the crime of Robbery. Edmond Camal, 32, has been charged with Conspiracy to Commit Robbery.

Just after 8:35 p.m. on June 1st, what can only be described as a movie like scene unfolded inside Family Imports Store in Dangriga, when four men, three of them armed with guns, barged into the establishment and carried out a daring robbery in the presence of customers.

Luckily no one was injured in the incident and Dangriga Police worked diligently to review surveillance cameras from the establishment as well as from the area. That footage later led to the detention of three suspects and the recovery of a 12 gauge shotgun and a pistol which was suspected to have been used in the commission of the crime.

On Saturday night, while customers and employees were conducting normal business at the store located on George Price Drive in Dangriga, a surveillance camera captured as the four unwanted visitors arrived on bicycles. Footage from inside the store captured as employees and customers scattered for cover while the first individual wielding a sawed-off shotgun entered. He was followed closely by a second individual who wasted no time in jumping behind the counter and helping himself to $3,000 in cash. Two robbers carrying short arms brought up the rear, and ensured that the customers and employees did not thwart their plans in any way. The heist was done in less than two minutes and when the men were finished they escaped from the scene on foot.

On Monday when the press spoke to ASP Alejandro Cowo, Officer Commanding the Crimes Investigation Branch, he confirmed that authorities believe that of late robbers have been better organized – “We have seen an increase in the number of robberies, especially in these business establishments located on the outskirts of either the towns or cities. You know it is more difficult for Police to have quicker access to these areas and hence I believe that this is the advantage that some of those people are using to commit these robberies in the more remote areas.”

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