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Antelope Street fire destroys three houses

Antelope Street fire destroys three houses
May 10
12:19 2019

A fire on Monday evening (May 6th) gutted three homes on Antelope Street Extension in Belize City, leaving a total of thirteen individuals, including six children homeless. VIDEO

Witnesses say that on May 6th just after 1:30 p.m., they observed smoke coming from one of the wooden structures and within minutes, was replaced by fire which quickly spread to two other structures and flattened them to the ground.

While authorities investigate, the victims believe that it was a case of arson, allegedly caused by a family member as a result of a dispute over the land that the homeowners were squatting on.

One of the homeowners, Monique Dennison said, “The dispute is over a piece of land which we currently live on but it is a piece of squatters land and so nobody has land papers back here. But according to them, the land is for them and they have land papers for the land, so they want us to move from off of the land. So they brought people to survey the land but the survey people told them that they can’t survey the land because they do not have land papers and they told them that just like how they are squatting on their land we have all rights of squatting on this piece too. They even went to court but the judge told them the same thing. So they are insisting that we move whether it be the good or bad way.”

Dennison said that the quarrel between her and that family member, who she identified as an uncle, has been ongoing for quite some time. But on Monday evening while she was at her home she and her uncle started to quarrel again and that was when he allegedly told her that he was going to burn down her home so that she would be forced to move.

Dennison said that due to a previous arson attempt at her home on Sunday morning, she did not take those alleged threats lightly and filed a complaint with police.

While there, Dennison told the Reporter that she got a phone call from someone informing her that her house was on fire and by the time police raced her to the scene, her house and all of her belongings had already been torched to the ground.

Dennison noted that this is the second arson attempt at her home and explained that around 2:00 a.m on Sunday she was awoken by the smell of smoke. When she got up, she found a sponge soaked in gasoline tucked to her home already on fire.

With the assistance of her brothers and neighbors, Dennison managed to out the fire.

Dennison was forced to relocate to the property and live with her brothers following an arson at her first home on Curasso Street in Belize City in February of last year. According to the single mother, she had nowhere else to live, so she rebuilt her home at the property on Antelope Street Extension.

Anyone wishing to assist the family can contact Dennison at phone number 606-7871. VIDEO

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