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Accused Child Killer Walks

Accused Child Killer Walks
May 06
07:40 2019

Thursday, May 2, 2019 –
The mother of a seven year-old boy who was shot dead in Belize City is stunned by the outcome of the Court case she counted on to seek justice for her son’s unwarranted killing; but she is redirecting that hope through another channel to save more mothers from having to endure the same anguish she now bears.

Shakera Young fought back tears on Tuesday as she relived the moment to reporters when she heard the case against her son’s accused killer fall apart and the man eventually told he was free to leave the courtroom.

Jayear Flores, accused of the shooting deaths of Tyler Savery, 7, and Savery’s cousin, Porshan Pipersburgh, 21, was tried without a jury. Presiding judge, Justice Colin Williams did not accept the main witness’ identification of the accused in the dock, nor did he accept the identification of him in a group identification. Apparently, details of the accused’s appearance were not recorded.

The prosecution’s only witness testified that he was driving on Freetown Road and had slowed down in traffic when three men jumped into to the back of his vehicle and one of them put a firearm to his side and forced him to take them to his father’s house on the George Price Highway. He said that the men looked for a gun but couldn’t find one and they stole his vehicle and left.

Ms. Young explained that the case was falling apart from very early on: “More responsibility should have been put in place to ensure that the statements that were admitted as evidence could have been something substantial, and it would support the conviction, it wasn’t. …And based on the presentation from the Crown…the judge was there saying, that is not in the file. You did not review your case file, because if you would have, then I wouldn’t have to be here telling you, guiding you through this case,” she shared of the proceedings.

The Prosecutor on the case, Crown Counsel Portia Ferguson has reportedly said that she was well-prepared for the case. But she had reportedly told Shakera before the case collapsed that there was a high chance it would.

Another weak link in the trial, by the young mother’s reckoning, was the way the Police handled the evidence-gathering, particularly the statement taken from the accused. As she listened to the accused being told he was free to go, the young mother said she was already going through the second heartbreak quietly.

“I said, God, this feels like they’re killing my son all over again! The pain felt like it was happening all over again! …and then I said to myself, Shakera now you’ve gone through this affliction all the way,” she remarked, explaining that she needed time alone to process what she had just experienced.

But losing her only child and losing the only chance she held onto for justice has not fazed this young mother. Shakera Young told the Reporter afterwards that she hopes to channel her energy in a new direction, working with mothers of other slain persons to lobby for change to a justice system that they find to be falling way short. She has since 2017, founded the Tyler Savery Foundation, and more recently, formed a support group called Beauty for Ashes, to offer hope to women who have lost their children to violence.

She also shared with this newspaper that she plans to petition now for judicial changes that would seek to enhance cases at the investigation and trial stages, so that mothers like her do not have to go through what she is now. She will take the idea to the other grieving mothers for their input before getting legal advice and then submit it to the Attorney General to see what can be done, taking into consideration human rights laws as well.

Tyler Savery, a standard one student at Saint Joseph’s Primary School, was sitting on the handle bar of a bicycle ridden by his cousin, Porshan Pipersburgh, who had taken him for treats at Moon Clusters one Friday evening in November, 2016. That was when someone in a passing vehicle shot indiscriminately at Pipersburgh, hitting him and Tyler in the chest.

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