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April 20
13:18 2019

Saturday, April 20, 2019

James Bus Line, one of the biggest operators in the country, based in Punta Gorda, announced on April 17th that it has implemented a ticketing system, the first in more than a decade. Commuters travelling south will now be able to purchase tickets at either the Belize City terminal or the Belmopan terminal.

This morning the Reporter talked to a spokesperson for the Belize Bus Association who told us that the Association has had discussions on reintroducing the ticketing system, along with other structural improvements. According to that representative of the Association, it is hoped that all bus operators would follow the example set by James, but there is no timeline for implementation in place.

Commuter complaints have been loud and ongoing for years. Currently persons travelling on the public transportation systems are forced into a stampede situation, particularly during peak hours. Because of a shortage of buses during these times, commuters fight for the available seats. Additionally, there is the situation of standees on buses, which is not only uncomfortable for all concerned but is dangerous and illegal.

The move by James Bus Line has been met with widespread approval. The last time ticketing systems were in place at terminals was more than a decade ago, in the era of the Batty’s and Novelo’s bus lines.

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