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Editorial – Easter 2019

Editorial – Easter 2019
April 17
16:00 2019

It is impossible to over-estimate the impact of Christianity on the race of humans whom God created and then redeemed through the life and death of His Son, Jesus.

When you consider the Old Testament account of how God destroyed the people living at the time of Noah with a giant flood, you reach the conclusion that in God’s eyes they were not worth saving.

Only Noah and his family merited His concern. He saved them. The others He destroyed without remorse.

It is a grim reminder that God is no respecter of persons. On some He places a premium value and shows them great favour. Others He blows away like chaff in the wind.

This is odd in human eyes because we hold that our God is the God of mercy, and His love extends to all. But we have seen that He is capable of turning His back on those who have no respect for Him, his authority and sovereignty.

The history of the human race shows that God’s mission of redemption is a slowly moving tide. At one time there was only one family worth saving. Today there are millions of families who hold Him in high esteem, and strive earnestly to do His will while they go through their pilgrimage on earth.

Alongside these millions there are other millions who care nothing about God. They live their lives without giving Him a second thought, behaving as though He does not exist.
While these millions live and breathe they have a chance to come to know God and to accept Him as deserving of their homage and high esteem.

This season of Easter reminds all that God has a plan of redemption for the human race and that those who seek Him can find Him with a little refection and humility of spirit.

Easter marks the completion of the mission of Jesus to redeem mankind. It is the culmination of His epic work, and Christians throughout the world will rejoice with Him on Easter Sunday because He has shown us great love and mercy, and we believe in Him – that He is who He claims to be – the Messiah, the Son of God!

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