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Orchid Bay developers refute allegations made by buyers

Orchid Bay developers refute allegations made by buyers
April 07
08:08 2019

Following outcry from several purchasers regarding the status of their transactions with Orchid Bay in northern Belize, the developer of the project, Legacy Global Developments has informed the Reporter that there were indeed “shortfalls” under the previous management of the development but said the current team has been working diligently to rectify all issues identified since taking over the project in 2016. Furthermore, according to Legacy Global Development, Chief Executive Officer, Chris Williams, his team is in full communication with all buyers to continue successfully developing the Orchid Bay dream.

Williams assured that the people making the allegations against Orchid Bay are purchasers who are in the process of buying a second home. Some of the buyers claim they made payments for lots and villas only to find out there were no records of their lots or payments with the Lands Department. To this claim, Williams said his company is working hard to provide all buyers with the homes they seek. In regards to claims that checks at the Income Tax and GST departments indicated that taxes were not being paid, Williams said he had no knowledge of that issue. 

“Since taking over the general partnership, we have not had any purchaser make out checks to any governmental agency. To the extent this occurred before we took over management and development, then any one purchaser who wrote a check to a governmental agency should check with that agency about it,” Williams told the Reporter.

Addressing concerns that buyers felt like they were being strung along and may never see their dreams materialize, Williams noted that development in Belize has been slower than anticipated. “There are numerous reasons for that, including the time it has taken us to redesign the villas, the condos, the master plan and general government bureaucracy, among other things,” Williams explained. “We are proud of the work we that we have done since taking over as the developer and we are on our way to building a one-of-a-kind community for our home buyers,” he added.

He said if anyone has made a deposit to Orchid Bay and their villa is not being built, it is because the buyers have indicated that they will not make the requisite milestone payment after construction begins. “Obviously, we will not build any structures for purchasers who refuse to make agreed upon milestone payments.”

Some buyers also claimed that Williams had become unresponsive to their inquiries and requests for refunds, however, Williams assures that he has made every effort to respond to each concern in as timely a fashion as possible. The Reporter also notes that Williams has been prompt in his responses to our queries regarding the claims made against Orchid Bay and his company.

Some buyers also claimed they became concerned after they realized they had been making payments for utilities such as water to a US account. Williams, however, says this claim is based on misinformation and says that buyers are able to pay bills such as water to Orchid Bay’s local Atlantic Bank account.

“It seems clear that there is a purchaser or two that are trying to poison the well,” Williams said of the claims that have surfaced in recent weeks. He also said he believes that the purchasers making such claims were involved in the development before his team took over as the developers. He also addressed a lawsuit brought against him in California, which some buyers noted as reason for concern with their current issues.

“Business lawsuits in the United States are a common occurrence, given that it is where people go to have their disagreements resolved. As the CEO of multiple companies, I unfortunately get named in a lawsuit if someone has a disagreement with the company. It’s par for the course. I can say that the lawsuit in California has no merit and I look forward to having my day in court. My company has also sued the parties who filed the lawsuit, for breach to their contract,” Williams said of the ongoing civil suit.

Editors Note: The Reporter intends to continue following this matter and represent each side fairly, based on fact and free of bias.


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