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Fires in Southern Belize Leave Several Homeless

Fires in Southern Belize Leave Several Homeless
April 05
13:58 2019
Thursday, April 5, 2019 - Reporter News Staff - 

Stann Creek Police are seeking one persons after a fire in San Roman Village, Stann Creek on Monday night has left some 20 persons of one family homeless.

The owner of the property, Juan Cucul, told Police that he was asleep around 11 on Monday night when thick smoke awoke him. He said he discovered that the three thatch houses in the yard were on fire and that his efforts to extinguish them were fruitless. As a result Cucul lost everything in the blaze.

Among the losses are the victims’ recently acquired voter identification cards. They reportedly heard dogs barking just before they became aware that the houses were on fire but no one got up to check what it was until Cucul said the smoke woke him up.

Cucul, according to the National Crimes Investigations Branch Chief, Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph Myvett, reported that there was no electricity at the building where the fire started and he suspects that one of his relatives was responsible for the blaze.

Those affected are asking for donations of roofing and siding material to rebuild at least one of the three houses gutted and for a stove and a gas tank for them to be able to cook. All 20 of the victims – 10 males and 10 females who range in ages from 49 to two years old – are currently living under a large tarpaulin. They have entrusted the donations towards this effort to someone who has been instrumental in getting initial help for them. He can be contacted at 610-5412.

A second fire, this time in San Antonio, Toledo sometime around 4:00 on Tuesday evening has left another family of five without a dwelling. The cause of the blaze that destroyed the home of Wallace Coy has not been determined. Coy told Police that he had gone out earlier in the day and that when he returned home that evening a fellow villager informed him that his house was on fire. By the time Coy reached his yard, the two buildings on the property were engulfed in flames. He said he and his family lost everything they had. Coy said that even before he got home he saw thick smoke coming from the area of his home.

Meanwhile, smoke from a fire said to be burning in the lower Quintana Roo area of Mexico has been affecting residents in several villages of the Corozal and Orange Walk districts, and some have been so severely affected that they have had to adjust their lifestyle for the time being.

Residents from San Roman, Santa Clara, San Victor, San Narciso, Louisville, Cristo Rey and Concepcion have reported that they have been unable to sleep at night because of the thick smoke from across the border.

The Ministry of Health has advised these people of the effects that smoke can have on the respiratory system. The Ministry has advised these residents to stay indoors and to keep windows and doors closed while the smoke lingers. Using fans or other means of ventilation while indoors and avoiding the use of candles, incense, gas stoves, or smoking cigarettes indoors since these activities adds to the build-up of fumes.


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