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Dangriga Men Ambushed Inside Gungulong House

Dangriga Men Ambushed Inside Gungulong House
March 29
12:37 2019

Early on Wednesday morning as Belize City residents were getting ready to start their workday, two gunman started theirs by sneaking into an elevated wooden home in the Gungulung Area of the city where they fatally shot a Dangriga man who was sleeping, and injured another.

Just after 7:40 a.m. on March 27th, residents reported hearing about eight gunshots ring out in an alley connected only by London bridges. Shortly after, dogs were heard barking in the neighborhood and two men were seen fleeing the area where the sounds of gunshots had been heard moments before.

When concerned residents raced to the scene, inside a house they found the motionless body of one man later identified as Jordan Lorenzo, 22, wrapped up in a quilt and laying face up on a mattress inside the living room of the dwelling. Lorenzo had multiple bullet wounds to his body and succumbed to his injuries almost immediately.

Further searches inside a bedroom uncovered a second victim, identified as Dangriga resident Rakeem Cruz, 17. Cruz was observed bleeding profusely from a gunshot wound to his right upper shoulder.

On Thursday, ASP Alejandro Cowo, OC, Crimes Investigation Branch in Belize City confirmed that based on details gathered, Police have labeled the motive of the double shooting as a drug deal gone bad. Additionally, according to Cowo the residence where the shooting unfolded is frequented and used as a hub by persons of questionable character.

“What Police have gathered is that both male persons had traveled from Dangriga to Belize City over the weekend and that they were staying with some friends in the CET Site area, however yesterday morning after 6:00, they went and stayed at that house while the other two friends left from there to do an errand. Upon their return they found the male person motionless and the other one injured,” explained Cowo.

When authorities flocked to the scene around 8:00 a.m., they extracted Cruz on a stretcher and placed him inside a waiting ambulance which transported him to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for treatment. Police confirmed that the teen is recovering from his gunshot wound and is listed in a stable condition.

Shortly after Cruz’s departure, Police personnel reversed a pickup into the tight alleyway and Lorenzo’s body was removed from the scene and placed in the pan and was taken to the morgue.

Authorities confirmed that they have detained two suspects and are currently questioning them in relation to the double shooting which left one man dead.

Dangriga Police have also confirmed that both the deceased and the teenager have past criminal records.



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