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Trinidad Alert – Causes Confusion In Belize – Similar Uniform

Trinidad Alert – Causes Confusion In Belize – Similar Uniform
March 19
18:24 2019
Tuesday, March 19th. 2019

A valid ALERT from police in Trinidad & Tobago has somehow been mistaken for an Alert made in Belize, which prompted the Belize Police Department to issue the following public notice.

The Police Department Belize would like to advise the public that this image and message which is currently being shared on FB and in chat groups and causing some concern is not local and has no relation to anything happening in Belize.

We at Reporter Newspaper and think that the situation is really kinda of funny, because it just shows you how the colonial past and the British presence in both Belize and Trinidad had influenced the design and color of the uniforms of police officials in both countries and it also shows us that a simple oversight or mischief maker on Facebook can make incorrect news travel like wild-fire.

At the REPORTER NEWSPAPER and ‘ We Are All Amused’

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