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No Impact on Belize from Max 8 Grounding, Say Officials

No Impact on Belize from Max 8 Grounding, Say Officials
March 16
10:44 2019

A plane crash in Ethiopia, which killed over 157 people this week, has had wide-reaching implications on international air travel, even fueling concerns about the use of the Boeing 737 Max 8 model plane in Belize, due to intense scrutiny and questions regarding the safety of the model.

Deputy Director of the Civil Aviation of Authority of Belize, Gilberto Torres, and Chief Operations Officer, Nigel Carter, on Thursday confirmed to the Reporter that the Max 8 model, which had been used in Belize in the past occasionally, is no longer in use and that passengers can rest assured their safety and security is an utmost priority.

According to Carter, the Max 8 model had been used in Belize but very infrequently and not recently. In the aftermath of the tragic Ethiopia plane crash, and concern that the Max 8 model was also linked to another tragic plane crash in Indonesia less than six months ago, a number of countries including those in Europe, China and recently the United States have decided to ground all Boeing 737 Max 8 model planes.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) made the decision to ground the planes this week after Boeing, the plane’s manufacturer, issued directives for the flights to be grounded as the company works to determine the cause for the faults that caused the failure in both incidents. Carter said with Boeing itself issuing directives for the planes to be grounded, and there is no cause for alarm about the planes being used in Belize or anywhere else for that matter.

The Ethiopian Airlines crash on Sunday killed 157 people less than five months after 189 passengers were killed in a crash in Indonesia abroad the Lion Air 737 Max jet. A preliminary report into that disaster, which killed 189 passengers and crew, indicated that pilots struggled to maintain control following an equipment malfunction.

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