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Minor Charged for ‘Roping’ Minor

Minor Charged for ‘Roping’ Minor
March 16
10:05 2019

A minor, 14, student of Belmopan Methodist School was arraigned in Belmopan on Wednesday on a single charge of wounding for injuries he allegedly caused upon a 15-year-old student from Belmopan Comprehensive High School.

Eyewitnesses say that the incident occurred around 2:40 p.m., on Tuesday near a field located beside the Social Security office when the 14-year-old who was riding a horse lassoed the victim and dragged him along the walkway in the presence of other students.

Earlier this week ACP Joseph Myvett, Head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch told the media that “a student of Belmopan Comprehensive High School reported to Police that on Tuesday as he exited the school gate he observed a male person riding a horse at the time who had a rope. The person threw the rope around him which ended up somewhere in the vicinity of his feet. As a result, the rope was tightened and he was pulled a distance away on a nearby field. Police have since detained a 14-year-old minor and have arrested and charged him for the crime of wounding.”

Police confirmed that the victim sustained multiple abrasions to various parts of his body as well as extensive scrapes to his legs and buttocks.

While Police say that they are still trying to establish the motive of the most unusual attack, family members of the victim claimed that the two teenagers were arguing over a female.

However, according to other reports gathered, there has been a history of bullying among the boys who are from different villages and to settle the dispute the alleged perpetrator decided to take matters into his own hands.

The accused was instructed to not interfere with the complainant and the case was adjourned until May 17th 2019.

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