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Missing Boat Found Near Mapp Caye

Missing Boat Found Near Mapp Caye
March 15
13:00 2019
Friday, March 15, 2019

Two months ago the family of Evan Neal, 43, along with Police and Coast Guard personnel launched an extensive search at sea for him and another man identified as Anthony Reneau, along with two missing boats. Those searches have turned up nothing until this past Wednesday when authorities came across their first solid but unsual lead.

Hidden among the tight mangroves in a channel close to Mapp Caye Coast Guard personnel came across one of Neal’s missing boats, “Shannon,” along with another vessel which was reported missing two years ago.

The other missing boat was submerged in the water and authorities revealed that along with fishing gear Shannon still had its engine attached and nothing extraordinary was seen on-board.

Authorities say that while they have conducted searches and fly-overs in that area before, they did not see the boat hidden among the mangroves and as such they believed that someone recently hid the it there.

Two months ago Neal and Reneau went missing from their fishing camp on Mapp Caye. Neal’s other employee, Edinio Humes, was found murdered and stuffed inside a pit latrine on the island.

The discovery led Police to believe that the incident was drug related and up to now both persons remains missing at sea.

Authorities also confirmed that they will continue to execute periodic searches for the two men.

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