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Ironic Twist Of Fate, Perpetrators Die Shortly After Stabbing

Ironic Twist Of Fate,  Perpetrators Die Shortly After Stabbing
March 14
06:38 2019

Quiet and Lay’d-Back Punta Gorda has seen its crime rate spike in the past few weeks, and investigators are scratching their heads as to why, all of a sudden the people in P.G has become so violent.

In a recent incident, Luis Cabrera Jr. was stabbed several times by 2 other men in a violent altercation that happened yesterday evening during a bar fight, Wednesday March 13th., the injuries were so serious that he was rushed to the PG Hospital but died shortly after.

In an ironic twist of fate, the men who allegedly inflicted the fatal wound, crashed on their motorcycle shortly after. We are told one of them died instantly and the other is in critical condition.

Seasoned investigators have learnt that there is always a under-lying reason for all sudden increases in crime, especially violent crime, and the statistics in Punta Gorda has indicated that something has suddenly changed the behavior of the local people in PG.

Just 4 months ago, on November 21st. the people of Punta Gorda were shocked by a Murder-Suicide, in which ‘Policeman Steven Ferguson’ violently killed his wife and then himself, in front of their children.

Since then the small town has been rocked by numerous murders and violent crimes. The main question is, “Why ?”

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