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Mayor Has Goods? Goodin Clueless!

Mayor Has Goods? Goodin Clueless!
March 01
08:33 2019 NEWSPAPER -News Staff- 

Since the news of the outburst at City Hall between Councillor Micah Goodin and City Administrator Stephanie Lindo-Garbutt, and the subsequent stripping of Goodin of his portfolios by Mayor Bernard Wagner, the topic has hit another level.

On Wednesday, Mayor Wagner was asked again if he did not think that Goodin ought to have been given a chance to tell his version of the events that incidentally started in his office where he was not in at the time. Wagner’s response was that it was Goodin, through his Facebook posts, who has had a lot to say about the matter and that the Council’s version has not been told. But the Mayor made an interesting statement which has many people wondering what he meant.

Wagner said that Goodin “has resorted to a type of game that is not productive…I believe his story has been heard. He has been on social media since last Friday continuously on and on. So his story has been told. Our story has not been told. I keep those to my chest and I know where the goods are, so I’ll continue to keep those to my chest and when I’m ready I’ll use it.”

We tried to reach the Council’s Public Relations Officer, Tamara Minto to get clarification on what Mayor Wagner was referring to, but we could not reach her. We wanted to find out what “goods” he will hold close to his chest until he’s ready to use it and whether there was something unsavory that he has on Councillor Goodin that he is planning to use against him. We managed to reach Deputy Mayor Oscar Arnold, who was not sure himself what Mayor Wagner was referring to; but Arnold said that he was aware that “some of the items Councilor Goodin cited in his posts were not accurate or true and it may be that the Mayor is referring to.”

A source close to Goodin has indicated to the Reporter that even the “good Councillor” as Wagner referred to him is waiting to see. The source has indicated that Goodin has been proud to say that he has never stolen a cent; never written a cheque to himself; nor collected a bribe, so he is also waiting to see what the Mayor meant.

Mayor Wagner has said that he has not spoken to Councillor Goodin since the incident and he is giving him space to “reassess” himself. He has maintained that his door remains open to Councillor Goodin.

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