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February 23
09:37 2019

The Belize City Council on Friday morning held a press conference to announce that first-term councilor Micah Gooding has been stripped of all of his portfolios following a situation which occurred at City Hall Wednesday.

Effective immediately, Goodin’s portfolios including Management Information Systems, Youth and Sports, Training and Staff Development were all assigned to other colleagues.

While Goodin will still be receiving his monthly stipend he has been sidelined for the time being until he cleans up his act.

In addressing the matter which has led to the indefinite parting of ways, Mayor Bernard Wagner explained that Goodin had approached City Administrator Stephanie Lindo Garbutt for the disbursement of funds for a project. Wagner told the press that while Goodin’s projects were approved there are accounting procedures that must be followed prior to the disbursment of funds.

Goodin however was not pleaded with the delay and he engaged in a verbal exchange with the CA which later led to him being evicted from City Hall.

This is not the first time that the vocal Goodin has been in conflict with his colleagues at City Hall. According to Mayor Bernard Wagner, “I have tried very hard to mentor this young man. He is a bright fellow and I have no hard feelings for him. I wish him well and am hoping that he will take the opportunity to do some soul-searching. We are not severing the relationship with him.”

If Goodin cleans up his act the Mayor says that there is a possibility that his portfolios can be given back to him.

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