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Businessman Murdered; Police and Family Look for Clues

Businessman Murdered; Police and Family Look for Clues
February 01
07:49 2019 - REPORTER NEWSPAPER - Feb. 1st. - 

The Sunday morning shooting murder of businessman, Michael Williams Sr. 58, the son of pepper sauce magnate Marie Sharp, has not only dealt a blow to the business sector, but has left his family and investigators looking for answers.

Williams, who was the general manager of the Marie Sharp Belize City outlet, and resident of Meighan Avenue, was dropping off his girlfriend, as he had routinely done after her work shift at night. Sometime shortly after midnight, he parked across from her house on North Front Street and before she could get out, two gunmen emerged.

There are conflicting reports of whether they were trailing the couple in another vehicle or if they waited for them. All that is known for sure is that when Police arrived a few minutes later, they found Williams’ gold Chrysler Pacifica SUV parked on the right hand side of the street with a hole on the right front glass window. Inside Police found Williams Sr., a resident of Meighan Avenue, King’s Park, with gunshot wounds to the left shoulder and under the left armpit.

Williams’ son, Jody Williams told the Reporter yesterday afternoon that the family is convinced that his father was the subject of a hit, but why is anybody’s guess. He said there was nothing whatsoever to indicate that his father had any problems or conflict with anyone or that he was the target of any robbery. The family has received a few leads, and they have forwarded that information to investigators.

Williams will be laid to rest on Saturday in Dangriga Town. He was the father of three sons, Jody, Michael Jr, and Patrick. He is also survived by his mother, Marie Sharp and his wife, Blanca Williams.

Williams’ murder has delivered another blow to Marie Sharp, who buried her husband only weeks ago and another relative even more recently. She has indicated that her business will remain open because it keeps her occupied and because that is also the legacy of the rest of her children and her grandchildren. etc.

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