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$600K in Compensation!

$600K in Compensation!
January 26
01:18 2019
REPORTER: News Staff, Jan. 25th. - 

The Chinese businessman that bought the Hilltop property which housed the headquarters of the Public Service Union (PSU), from the Belmopan City Council last November for $400,000; is now requesting a sum of $600,000 plus the cost of his legal fees and stamp duty as compensation for restoring the property’s title to the Union.

According to PSU President Doreth Cayetano, the union has not met with any member of the Belmopan City Council following its last meeting with Prime Minister Dean Barrow in December. Cayetano says the union is trying to be patient in understanding that the problem would not be resolved overnight, but said there is some concern over the slow pace with which the matter is being addressed.

Cayetano said the union intends to reach out to the Council to schedule a meeting to discuss the matter. She added that the union is also considering what its next move will be regarding the compensation package requested by Xin Ni, the businessman whose name still appears as the owner on the title for the Hilltop property.

Cayetano told the Reporter that the union remains adamant that it will not relocate from the Hilltop property, but is open to the negotiation process, which it understands may take even more time before it is completed.

In the meantime, the union continues to operate from the location, following the Prime Minister’s intervention last December. Belmopan Mayor Khalid Belisle had come under intense scrutiny following the sale and a back and forth between the Council and the PSU over alleged missed payments the union had failed to make to honor its commitment in retaining the property. The union categorically rejected Belisle’s claims that the union had not kept up with its payments and had its own records of payments. Mayor Belisle could not be reached for comment for this article.

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