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Doing it Big With Aj Originals

Doing it Big With Aj Originals
January 25
15:28 2019
REPORTER: News Staff Jan. 25th. - 

If you would walk by Ashley Reid, 20, on the street and not know her personally or follow her Facebook page, you would never know that this young woman with the captivating personality and big smile is the machinery that is the driving force behind the local clothing line Aj Originals, trending locally and on the internet.

Aj Originals is a local clothing brand that offers customized female outfits including swimwear, casual wear, evening gowns and much more, at an affordable price and tailored to perfection.

The trending fashion business operates through its Facebook page, and is housed within the comfort of Reid’s Lake I family home. Reid, who was the first runner up in the 2018 Miss Universe Belize pageant and has also been featured in the Belikin Calendar, started her business at the tender age of 16 and now boasts a steady stream of customers.

While she is proud of her success, Reid says that she has bigger plans and hopes to one day have her clothing brand on the international market and by doing so hopes to bring a considerable amount of exposure to the level of talent that her country possesses.

Reid explained that success didn’t just appear overnight and she has had to battle her fair share of setbacks to get where she currently is. She told the Reporter that while she was not inspired, trained or guided by anyone, she was pushed into motion while facing the realities of what it meant to survive in a poor family setting. While growing up, the finances of the family were so meager it could barely cover the cost of basic necessities, and so clothing could not be bought but was handed down from distant relatives.

Surviving through those years and watching other persons dressed up in new clothing was tough, explained Reid, and so she decided that instead of complaining she would use what she had to her advantage and make it into something new, something that spoke of originality and something that she would be able to proudly express herself in.

“At home, I had thread, pieces of cloth and needles, so I took those and used them. From there I just tried and practiced, and eventually it started to get better. Soon I had access to the internet at school and I would watch blogs, tutorials and along with that I would use old clothing at home and use that as patterns for my designs.”

Eventually, Reid was invited to participate in a fashion show at the Maud Williams High School. Her design snagged her second place for creativity and she won her first sewing machine which she has been using since then to produce.

After graduating from University, Reid explained that she decided that it was time to officially register her business. Since then she says that she have been working on growing the business name through exposure and maintaining a social media presence to attract customers.

Anyone wishing to support Reid and place any type of orders can contact Aj Originals via the business’ Facebook Page.

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