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January 11
11:16 2019

Cartel prince turned US federal informant, Vicente Zambada Niebla, gave a dramatic testimony in New York federal court last week disclosing sensitive cartel information including testimony that “El Chapo”, Joaquin Guzman Loera, carried out business in Belize.

At the El Chapo trial, Niebla disclosed details of Loera’s operations including his suppliers, distributors, bodyguards and assassins in Mexico, Honduras and Belize. Niebla, whose father was a partner of Chapo’s and fellow cartel leader who remains on the Drug Enforcement Agency’s Most Wanted list, also gave testimony of how he learned the ins and outs of the business from his father.

Niebla disclosed intimate knowledge of the cartel’s structure, how it operates and associates who profit from business with the cartel. He also disclosed that his father is now the cartel’s leader.

An article by The Pulse, this week, revealed that Loera, who was insanely jealous of his wife and his mistress, installed software on both their phones so he could spy on them, intelligence which is now being used against him as his trial progresses. According to the article, however, among the text messages between El Chapo and his lover and partner, Agustina Cabanillas Acosta, was an exchange in which they discuss “buying between 630 and 700 tonnes of cocaine in Belize”.

This week, the brother of a sitting Minister gave an explosive interview making serious allegations of involvement in narco trafficking in Belize against senior politicians and police officers including an allegation that a senior officer lives at a cartel safe-house belonging to El Chapo.

Edward Vincent Martinez, who called the press conference this week to make the explosive allegations, said he could provide evidence that a safe house partially underground belonging to the imprisoned cartel boss was found on a piece of property belonging to a senior police officer within the department. Martinez, however, has not provided any evidence to substantiate any of the claims he has made against some of the country’s most high profile politicians and senior cops.

Belize has long been regarded a transshipment point for cocaine trafficking, however, the volume of cocaine mentioned in the texts between Chapo and his mistress seem to indicate that Belize has become a key distribution point for the wholesale of cocaine from cartels in South America to the cartels in Mexico.

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