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January 04
11:27 2019
REPORTER: News Staff - Jan. 3rd.

The family of Anisha Young, desperately trying to locate her since December 9 of last year, are slowing coming to terms with the realization that she is dead, following the weekend’s discovery of a shallow grave off the Maskall Road containing human skin and a weave with strands of human hair.

The discovery was made on December 29th after the family had gotten reports of a foul smell emitting from a property located about a quarter mile away from the home of one of the suspects originally detained by Police after Young’s disappearance.

Upon proceeding to the location about a mile off the Phillip Goldson Highway and approximately 150 yards inside a swampy area, the family found a spot where the soil appeared to have been recently disturbed. A closer inspection revealed that it was indeed a fresh burial site and Police were called in.

According to ASP Alejandro Cowo, “the scene was processed and the items collected. On Sunday morning the pathologist examined the remains and confirmed that it was indeed human remains and is that of the plantar skin of the body. Plantar skin is the skin at the bottom of the feet.”\

Cowo, however, explained that apart from the two items the grave was empty and there is nothing to indicate whether the remains are Young’s. Samples have been extracted and have been sent abroad for DNA testing.

While those results will take quite some time to return, Young’s family members are still conducting searches and say that they are 90% sure that the location is where Young was initially buried.

The family’s theory is based on the hairdresser’s confirmation that she had sewed in a full set of weave on Anny before her disappearance and that there is no recent database on any missing females in the vicinity.

Another important piece of evidence discovered near the burial site was a discarded wristband of the type handed out at clubs and events. On Thursday night Jose Luis Espat confirmed that several persons have come forward to confirm that the wristband is from a popular establishment where the missing woman was last seen. Reports are that a silver chain was also found near the scene but it does not belong to the missing woman.

Police say that Young’s boyfriend still remains a suspect, but they will need to gather sufficient evidence to bring a case against him.

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