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January 04
13:22 2019

REPORTER: News Staff – Jan. 4th.

Investigators, after working to piece together a bizarre chain of events, have charged Lucky Strike resident Giovanni Jones for the first murder of the New Year which ended the life of woodcarver Howard Coleman, 58, at his home in Lucky Strike Village. Jones has also been charged for rape of a woman at Coleman’s home, which allegedly occurred after the murder.

On Wednesday, Police in reporting Coleman’s murder classified it as stemming from a “domestic-related situation involving a female” which eventually led to the deceased sustaining multiple chop wounds to his body. Family members, however, say that Coleman laid down his humble life for the female whom he was just sheltering for the past months.

Just after 6:00 a.m. on New Year’s Day, investigators got a call of a possible murder in the village. When they responded Police found Coleman lying under the veranda of his home with multiple machete wounds to his body. The elderly man was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

According to Williams, Police learned that around 4:00 that morning the accused, identified as Giovanni Jones, had dropped off the female at Coleman’s residence and after doing so he was instructed to leave but refused. That led to an altercation with Coleman and a fistfight whereby Coleman exited the house but was followed by Jones who allegedly took out a machete and inflicted the wounds to him.

According to Police, after chopping Coleman, Jones went back inside the house where he allegedly raped the woman. But the ordeal didn’t end there. Jones reportedly threatened to kill the woman after the alleged rape to keep the murder a secret. The two eventually decided to report the matter to the Village Chairman Allan Jones, and allegedly told him that Coleman were attacked by an unknown assailant.

Allan Jones said that after listening to conflicting statements, he realized that something was not adding up and when he visited the scene he was sure that the accounts were bogus.

Family members of the deceased says that that on multiple occasions they had warned him against taking in strangers to live with him. According to the family, Coleman gave the female shelter so that she could keep watch over his house when he was out selling his carvings.

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