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EDITORIAL – December 21st. 2018

EDITORIAL – December 21st. 2018
December 21
10:18 2018

By: Mr. Harry Lawrence

Christmas is a season of joy and generosity, of thanksgiving for what we have, and remembering that what we have has been given to us from on high.

It was gratifying therefore to hear Prime Minister Dean Barrow address his colleagues from across the floor of the House to wish them a Merry Christmas and to say that political exchanges in the House may at times become heated, but they are without malice.

Opposition Leader Mr. John Briceño was equally gracious and went on to compliment the people of Belize for their proverbial patience and tolerance. But the mood of patience and tolerance is changing in Belize. We are seeing more acts of outrage and revenge against persons than ever before.

It is not only the state of the economy which is working against us. A good portion of our social problems is made worse by our unquestioning acceptance of drugs as a form of acceptable recreation. Our taste for combining drugs with the use of strong drink has introduced a new element of mental risk into our lives.

The culture of drugs has now invaded our secondary schools and even the upper grades of our primary schools. This is a hidden danger because no one wants to talk about it.

But teachers in classrooms all over this country will tell all who choose to listen that they are seeing a remarkable slide into classroom disorder and classroom insolence.

The State has an important role to play in the morality of the nation because morality is not exclusively the domain of religion or of the Church. And since we all learn by example, the cordial exchange between Government and Opposition in the House last week was gratifying.

This Christmas Season gives us a chance to reflect on the grave social and moral issues which we in Belize are facing. Hopefully it will also persuade us of the need for more discipline and moderation in the way we conduct ourselves.

The message of Christmas, of Peace on Earth and goodwill towards men is as fresh and as vibrant today as the day the angels first sang out. It has the power to change lives!

So our prayer this festive season is that the peace and joy of the arrival of Our Redeemer will change our hearts and teach us to live generously, in peace and harmony with one another.

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