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December 21
16:24 2018
THE REPORTER: News Staff - Dec. 20th. 

Police sources tell the Reporter that investigators believe that the murder of PC Modesto Cucul on Thursday morning at 10:00am was a planned ambush and execution. Cucul, who is stationed at the Belmopan Police Station, was shot at close range with a shotgun on the Crique Jute road about a quarter mile from its junction with the Southern Highway in the Toledo District. His wife, Anavida Cal, was also shot and is in critical condition.

Cucul was driving on the road in his Chevy pickup when two gunmen exited the bushes and shot his wife through the passenger window. She was hit in the mouth and stomach. Sources say Cucul stopped the vehicle and got out the vehicle, and that’s when he was hit in the chest with a shotgun blast. His body was found in the bushes beside the vehicle with multiple pellet wounds to the chest and neck.

Anavida Cal was transported to the San Antonio Polyclinic and later to the Punta Gorda Hospital where she is reportedly listed in critical condition.

In 2012, Cucul and a fellow officer, PC Frederico Tush, were charged with the murder of Michael Valerio in Punta Gorda. Valerio was beaten to death, allegedly by the two men who were reportedly drunk at the time. Both Tush and Cucul were acquitted in 2014, and Cucul subsequently re-enlisted with the Police Department and was stationed in Belmopan.

Late this evening the Reporter spoke to Police sources who say that the ambush had to be done by somebody who knew exactly where Cucul would be at that particular time, since he was not known to travel that road regularly, and would also regularly use the bus. While they will explore the angle that the murder may be connected to Valerio’s death more than six years ago, they are also exploring more recent ‘differences’ that Cucul may have had with other persons.

It is not believed that robbery was the motive. When Police checked the vehicle they found Cucul’s 9mm pistol still inside. It is believed that after firing the shot which killed Cucul the two men immediately ran off into the nearby bushes.

This is the second time in a week that the Belmopan Police Formation has lost one of their own. On Tuesday, Police Officer Kenyon Pandy lost his life in a traffic accident on the Southern Highway near San Antonio Village Toledo District.

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