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December 21
10:07 2018
THE REPORTER: Online, Dec. 21st.

Multiple reports of persons going missing across Belize have certainly raised many eyebrows and concern among the general public. One man that has decided that he wants to get up and assist distraught families through the use of social media is police officer David Griffith.

Last week Griffith founded a Facebook page under the name Missing Person Belize which he has dedicated to publishing the names and pictures of persons who are missing, even before Police have gotten involved. According to Griffith the first 48 hours of a person going missing are the most crucial and with the use of the new page, the general public can assist families in locating their loved one from an early stage.

In an interview with the Reporter, Griffith stated that “I have noticed that the page will be effective because it takes Police 24 hours to officially report someone missing. So that time frame is far too long for the families of these missing persons to bear patience while their loved one is missing.”

Griffith explained that if someone is a runaway or has not been seen for a couple of hours and there is speculation that something might be wrong, concerned family members can inbox him the name, details, and pictures of that person so that he can publish it online. Griffith explained that the public will be immediately alerted that that individual is missing and can be on the lookout for them in the respective neighborhoods. If the individual is spotted anywhere, then the family members will be given that information so that they can follow up.

Apart from creating a neighborhood watch group, Griffith says that he will also liaise with the Police Department and various command precincts for updated information.

The group has been described as a work in progress and currently boasts over a hundred members, “I believe that if you are a Belizean you should join this group because it is very effective. It will be pure information when it comes to missing persons and it will help you in any kind of way to alert you on who is missing and will also help to inform the family,” Griffith told the Reporter.

Griffith pledged his full commitment to working with families and friends of missing persons by offering them support in the most crucial time. He said that he came up with the idea after witnessing the shock, dissatisfaction, hurt and lack of closure with which families of missing persons must battle.

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