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October 31
07:02 2018
REPORTER: News Staff, - 

A Belize City Council employee allegedly went on a rampage shortly after 2:00 this morning, when he used a backhoe from his job to ram into the house where his children slept, killing his youngest son and the child’s grandmother, who had won custody of the child some time ago.

Adelia Young, the great-grandmother of Samir August, 5,  explained to the Reporter that after the child’s mother died two years ago, Louise Young, who is her (Adelia’s) daughter, and who was also killed this morning, had won a custody battle over the little boy against the accused, Samuel August Sr.

Young told us that just yesterday, August Sr. went to the house and told the same little boy that he was going to go join their mother and that they wouldn’t see him anymore.

An eyewitness who lives up the street from where the incident happened told this media house that she could not sleep and saw when the backhoe sped past her house seconds before it rammed into the house where her cousin, (Louise) lived. She said she heard the bang and a series of other bangs and by the time she realized what was going on, the backhoe had already pulled over to the neighbour’s house and ripped down a portion of their porch, shoving aside a van that was parked in front of their house.

The front portion of the Young’s home was where the children’s bedroom and Louise Young’s bedrooms were. When their rooms were bulldozed, other children who were sleeping in there scurried for their lives. Samir’s older cousin, Britany Craig, 11, suffered a broken arm and scrapes when she escaped falling concrete by running through the freshly-made opening in the wall. Family members told us that when she ran on the street, August, still in the backhoe, followed her onto Faber’s Road and into a neighbour’s yard, where he also pulled down the fence before giving up his pursuit of the little girl. The damaged backhoe was found two blocks away, where it had also partly ripped out a nearby fence before it toppled over in the drain. A medicine bottle and several capsules were strewn over the floor of the backhoe.

Britany Craig is reportedly in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and so is Samuel August, Sr., reportedly in a stable condition. It is believed that August sustained the injuries when Police pursued and detained him.

Belize City Mayor, Bernard Wagner, has pledged to the Young family that the Council will foot the costs to repair the structural loss and to pay for the funeral for little Samir August and his grandmother, Louise Young.

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