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October 14
21:50 2018
REPORTER: News Staff, -

The Belize Police Department is in the process of executing a comprehensive purge at the Orange Walk Police Formation by transferring Police Officers, allegedly those whom they suspect have been infiltrated by narco-traffickers.

The Reporter has confirmed that while twenty names were recommended for transfer, fifteen were rejected and only five approved. Those five cops are in the process of being relocated out the district.

The move comes directly on the heels of the removal of former Officer Commanding Orange Walk David Chi, and charges being levelled against him and Police Constable Norman Anthony in relation to the September 9th landing of a drug plane in the Tres Leguas area of Blue Creek in the Orange Walk district.

On October 4th, Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams appeared on a morning talk show in Orange Walk where he confirmed that the new Commander, ASP Juanito Cocom, was tasked with the purging of the department – “We have tasked Mr. Cocom to provide a list of officers who they believe are compromised and that list has been provided to us and so we are looking at those officers now with a view of transferring them out of Orange Walk and bringing in new officers.”

The Reporter reached out to CEO in the Ministry of National Security Col. (Ret’d) George Lovell who told us that while he did not know the reason behind the transfers, he can confirm that changes are in the process of being made.

Lovell told us that he knew the transfers have raised eyebrows since they are out of season. Officers would usually be given a two month notice of transfer in the months of January and February, while transfers are approved annually in the months of June and July.

Lovell also mentioned that the transfers were put into action by the Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie, however, he is still awaiting an official letter from Whylie to confirm who those individuals are.

We were also informed that the department had fired a special constable in that jurisdiction for his suspected involvement in narco-related activities. The individual was detained along with a Mennonite farmer in August who was charged with tampering with a firearm without authorization after he was found with a scope affixed to his rifle. While the special constable was found in possession of an extended clip he was never charged.

At the ending of the talk show on October 4th, Williams also explained that “We know that the confidence-building measures will not be easy ones, and it will require some tough decisions to be made, but those decisions must be made. If we want to assure the Orange Walk people that we are about change and we want them to develop that trust and confidence in us, we have to show them that we are willing to make the sacrifices to make it happen.”

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